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what does "black habit"mean? what does "chevron of death "mean? For most people there his arrival was the prelude to the finality of the tragedy. Major Medicine was so constructed that vision was limited to a few feet. Policemen had formed a cordon in the red-striped corridor; the eminent few inside were isolated in the chopped-up booths. Lacking definite word, they had been sitting or standing about in helpless attitudes, in an atmosphere of utter unreality. Severe shock had distorted their senses. One woman, hazarding the guess that the time must be at least 4 P.M., glanced at a clock and was flabbergasted to find herself three hours off. In the absence of hard fact they had drifted along on hope or supposition. Now nearly all saw the black habit of a priest, the universally recognized chevron of death. Its significance swept hall and cubicles.
28 мая 2013 г., 13:45
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"Habit" here refers to the priest's black ceremonial robes. The priest's presence signalled to those who saw him that the President had died, because a priest was generally summoned to offer last rites to Catholics who are about to die. "Chevron of death" is an odd phrase to my ears, but perhaps it refers to the black armbands that people used to wear to indicate the recent death of someone important to them and the author is comparing the sight of the priest to the sight of a black chevron, signifying a recent death.
28 мая 2013 г.
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