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what does "cross to"mean? Clifton’s eyes met Captain Stoughton's; both officers' eyes filled up. This is it, Henry Gonzalez thought, staring at the stocky little pastor. Mac Kilduff whispered to Albert Thomas, "It looks like he's gone." Kilduff crossed to Pam Turnure. "They've called a priest," he said brokenly. Only Mac Perry didn't notice. He was still sitting in the passage, and the Father walked right past him, but Mac was unaware of it. His brown eyes glazed with exhaustion, his features screwed up in a curiously lopsided cast, the surgeon was concentrating intently on a perfectly blank patch of tile wall.
May 28, 2013 2:04 PM
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It means he crossed the room to talk to Pam Ternure.
May 28, 2013
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