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what does "close my fist "mean? clench fist? Then Father Thompson attempted to shift a leaden wrist. His left palm was sticking to the wheel. Absently he yanked it free and examined it. He said under his breath, "The blood of a President. My God." He started to bless himself once more and checked the motion. His hand had tightened in anger; it would be sinful to cross himself in such a mood. More to himself than to Father Huber he said, "Why, you can't even wash blood off a closed fist." With his right hand he pried the fingers loose. It was difficult. The knuckles were rigid, the fingernails locked underneath; the tendons in his wrist throbbed painfully. Gradually the cramped coil of rage relaxed, and he drove back to the church massaging the joints. To himself he prayed, "Lord, never let me close my fist again."
May 29, 2013 3:38 AM
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Yes, a stronger way of saying closed. Usually inferring closed in anger, even ready to punch. Used with teeth also, usually in suspense.
May 29, 2013
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