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what does "it was hardly surprising" indicate?what was hardly surprising? There had been no official word, and a report from an unknown priest was not conclusive. Nevertheless a statement could not be postponed indefinitely. It was 1:15 P.M. Death had been pronounced a quarter of an hour ago, and while Father Huber’s indiscretion was unknown in the emergency area it was hardly surprising. The secret could not be kept long. Too many people had been in the trauma room.
29 May 2013 13:54
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It means it is not surprising, that the secret could kept long. used when you think it is obvious that something is not true, not possible, not surprising etc It's hardly surprising that people are starting to complain. David's almost twenty-four – hardly a child. This is hardly the time to start discussing finances.
29 Mayıs 2013
Father Huber's indiscretion wasn't surprising. It wasn't surprising that Father Huber had told someone that the president was dead.
29 Mayıs 2013
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