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Do you speak Korean? I am learning to speak Korean if you can hope you can help me to improve.Thankyou.
May 30, 2013 9:52 AM
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Sorry for my other answer, it was rather pathetic: I am in the same situation as you but this may help you watch videos on YouTube of people teaching Korean and pause the video and mimic what they have said until you fully comprehend it. I am also a beginner and I also need a person to check if my basic Korean or what i know is satisfactory or if i need any improvements. i think listening to Korean music also known as K-pop lyrics are more memorable so you could give that a go. be motivated and have a straight goal tell yourself what you are aiming today as sometimes you can get distracted and looses interest or focus i know that is me so i keep myself motivated. Lastly watching Korean dramas or reality TV shows with English sub or in your native language, by doing this it would help you to remember some of the usual words and phrases used. I am sorry for this is a long answer I always seem to end up aiding other people like a true born leader. Hwaiting!!! (You can do it!!!)
May 30, 2013
Are a beginner?
May 30, 2013
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