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what's difference between"do" and "make"
May 30, 2013 2:35 PM
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The difference between Do and Make Do for : 1)Work, jobs and Tasks. For example Do the housework. 2)Non-Specific Activities.For example Do any thing. 3)Replace verb when obvious.For example Do the exam. Make for: 1)Product Material/Origin.For example Made of gold. 2)Produce a Reaction. For example Make you happy. 3)Plans and decisions .For example Make a choice. Make a plan. 4)Food -Drink. For example Make a cake. Make a cup of tea. 5)Speaking and Sound. For example Make a speech.
May 30, 2013
To 'do' something is to complete a verb. I eat = I do eat - The 'do' changes nothing. It is necessary for negating or asking questions though. To 'make' something is to build/construct/change it. I can sometimes mean 'to force'. Eg: I will make a cake = I will build a cake. ('build' isn't really used for making food, but this shows the meaning) I will make a house = I will build a house I will make it blue = I will change it to be blue I will make you run = I will force you to run To make [noun]. = To build/construct [noun]. To make [noun] [adjective]. = To change [noun] to be [adjective]. Less commonly: To make [noun] [verb] = To force [noun] to [verb].
May 30, 2013
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