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How to learn to speak English fluently? I am wandering-why in so many cases we can't speak foreign language fluently enough? I mean, speaking itself may be good, fast, and understandable. Is there any secret you could share from your personal experience-How to start speak English without breaking your speech up?
May 30, 2013 11:21 PM
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Почему мы не можем свободно говорить на иностранном языке? Мне кажется, что... эм-м... можно провести аналогию с инородным объектом, который внедряют в твой организм и который до определённого момента не может прижиться и попросту отторгается; на это нужно время, чтобы иностранный язык стал частью тебя самого. Со временем приживётся. :)
May 30, 2013
When I teach people to learn English, I get them to view phrases literally, by components. So, breaking words into their smaller parts (or phrases into words into parts). For example, one of the longest words in the English dictionary as of 2013, 'Antidisestablishmentarianism'. Now, when you see it, it looks like random letters together, but looking closer you can see 'Anti' 'Dis' 'Establishment' 'arian' and 'ism'. Each of these components join together to make a meaning of bringing down an establishment, and that is what it was (19th century opposition of disestablishment of the Protestant Church as the state church of England).
May 31, 2013
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May 30, 2013
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May 30, 2013
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