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灵巧 vs 熟练,技巧 vs 技术 Help me please to understand the difference between these words. Use examples, please.
May 31, 2013 12:24 AM
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技巧 technic技术 techinical
June 1, 2013
灵巧 dexterous; nimble; skillful; ingenious eg. nimble movements 动作灵巧 a pair of clever hands 一双灵巧的手 You need manual dexterity to be good at video games. 玩好电子游戏手要灵巧。 熟练 skilled; practised; proficient eg. skilled [experienced] worker; hot-short 熟练工人 skilled in a technique 技术熟练 a practised skill 一种熟练的技能 be proficient in doing sth. 做某事很熟练 He's not very skilful with his chopsticks [at using chopsticks]. 他用筷子不大熟练。 技巧 skill; technique; craftsmanship; technic; workmanship; trick; know-how; artifice; wrinkle; mechanics; mechanism eg. one's skill at embroidery 刺绣技巧 writing technique 写作技巧 artistry 艺术技巧 acquire the story-telling technique 学会讲故事的技巧 bargaining skill 讨价还价的技巧 marketing skill 销售技巧 show off one's skill 卖弄技巧 It needs skill to tune a piano. 调准钢琴需要技巧。 This musician has perfect technique but little expression. 这位音乐家技巧极好, 但表现力不足。 技术 technology; skill; technique; art; tech eg. science and technology 科学技术 adopt advanced techniques 采用先进技术 one's art is skillful 技术精良 be skillful at; be proficient in 技术熟练 master technique 掌握技术 agrotechnics; agrotechnique; farming technique 农业技术 study at a school of technology 在技术学校学习 space technology 空间技术 Many people call the age we live in the age of technology. 许多人把我们所处的时代称为技术时代。 Science has contributed much to modern technology. 科学为现代技术作出了巨大贡献。
May 31, 2013
in china there is an idiom "熟能生巧“ 。 it means u will find the tips after u skilled at it. so 灵巧 and 技巧 are in a higher place than 熟练 and 技术 。灵巧还有表扬的意思在里面,熟练就是没有感情的陈述一个事实而已。
May 31, 2013
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