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I have a question about the accent in Spanish. Hello everyone! Since I started learning the Spanish language. I feel I can understand easier Spanish people from Spain, and when I try to talk to someone from other places such as Colombia, Mexico... I cannot understand even they speak slowly. is that happened to you too? Which Spanish should I learn to be to understand me? or understand the most people? I need some explains for that. Regard.
31 мая 2013 г., 13:10
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Hola, creo que en cuestion de acentos hay muchos, muchos. Los acentos varian mucho segun la region. Tambien nosotros tenemos dificultades en entender el español de agunos paises por ejemplo el español de Puerto Rico, Cuba, Republica Dominicana. Suenan tan diferente que parece que estuvieran hablando otro idioma ( Con todo respeto jeje). Creo que si te resulta dificil entender el español de algunos paises es por que en cada pais utilizamos muchas expresiones coloquiales o, y eso dificulta la comprension. Tambien varias palabras usadas en algunos paises son palabras tomadas de lenguas nativas pero "españolizadas" Me parece que el español de Paraguay, España, Mexico resulta un poco mas facil de entender debido a que en general se habla mas despacio. Pero bueno ese es uno de los retos del Español ya que se lo habla en varios paises, y eso es lo que lo hace interesante. SALUDOS
31 мая 2013 г.
Try watching movies with the "español latino" audio, not the "español de españa" audio. I think spanish in Spain it is like british english...I hope it helps.
31 мая 2013 г.
i think it depends on the area you come from. If you live in the States it's more handy to learn latin spanish and if you are from Europe I definitely recommend you to learn Spanish from Spain. Then if you are used to hear Spanish people then it's going to be difficult at the beginning to understand latin people, and viceversa if you are used to argentinian accent then it's going to be difficult to understand Spanish people. (it's like learning british and american English)
1 июня 2013 г.
Hi! According to some information I have read before, Spanish from Colombia or Panama is easier to understand, this is because their accent is more neutral, than other such as Mexican, argentinian, even spanish from Spain is to difficult for latin people to get it, althoug this last one is the mother tongue. So I highly recomend you to lear latin spanish. Forgive my mistakes, I'm learning English until now, best wishes!!
31 мая 2013 г.
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