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Sentences . I don't know how to write the correct sentences. Plz help me! =) 1) (In a letter) I will you give the information below. 2) I am writing a letter on my email and it will be sent to you by me. After that, you can find and read it in your email. 3) How much the weight of my luggage can I carrier in the CX plane? 4) How long does it take you to go to Briton by train if you are in London? 5) Would you like to order a hamburger meal to go? *(I don't know how to say the inversive meaning about that situation.) Thanks^^3* ''Carry in''
May 31, 2013 3:23 PM
Answers · 3
1. You could say "I will give you the information below," but I agree with @Anuta, better is to say:"Please find the information below." However, I would probably say: "Please see the information below." or "Please reference the information provided." 2. I am sending you an email. (or "e-mail" either one is fine) Please read and respond at your earliest convenience. (or "as soon as possible.") Or maybe this is more what you meant: "I'm sending you an email. To read it, you should be able to find it in your inbox." (but unless you are teaching someone how to use email, I'm not sure why you would say this.) 3. If they don't go by weight but by size say: "How big can my carry-on luggage be for the CX plane?" or if weight is an issue say: "How heavy can my carry-on luggage be for the CX plane?" 4.@Anuta's answer is great. Or: "How long does it take (you) to get to London from Brighton by train?" 5. I think what you mean by inverse is: "I would like to order a hamburger meal to go." Sorry if it's confusing. Hope it helps!
May 31, 2013
1. Please find the information below. 2. I am writing an e-mail to you. After I send it you can read it. 3. How much luggage can I carry on board the CX plane? 4. How long will it take you to go from London to Brighton by train? 5. Would you like to take a hamburger away? (I'm not sure if you mean the same)
May 31, 2013
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