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What does 간 (Gan/Gun) mean? Is it the same as 시 간?
May 31, 2013 11:13 PM
Answers · 5
I'm confused by what you mean. 1. 간 = "liver" 2. Conjugated form of the verb "to go (가다)" 3. for ~ length of time: "for 2 days" = "양일간"; "for several years" = "수년 간" 4. short for "relationship (관계)" and many more meanings.
June 1, 2013
No I don't have a sentence. I can't remember where I heard or read the word but I do understand what you're saying. Thank you for your help!!!!!!
June 1, 2013
간 could mean an interval as in 시간. context is very important to understand korean. do you have a sentence?
May 31, 2013
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