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Question on locating the object in korean sentences? So there is a sentence: They said this book was free.>> 이 책이 공짜라고 그랬어요. In the sentence, book is marked with the subject particle (이) My problem: Object is defined as the entity that is acted upon by the verb. Whats free? The book. So why does this use a subject particle instead of an object particle? 이 책이 공짜라고 그랬어요. vs 이 책을 공짜라고 그랬어요.
Jun 1, 2013 1:43 AM
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They said this book is free. 그들은 이 책은/이 공짜라고 그랬어요. (말했어요) 그들은 이 책을 공짜라고 그랬어요(말했어요.) (이 책 and 공짜 are in apposition) They called that man a fool./They said that man was a fool. 그들은 그 사람을/이 바보라고 그랬어요.(말했어요/불렀어요) (그 사람 and 바보 are in apposition)
June 1, 2013
It's because when you use the verb "to be(to be free in this sentence)": you cannot have an object in the sentence.
June 1, 2013
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