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I am not used ____ spoken to in such a rude manner. A. for being B. to being C. being D. to be Note: I guess “used” has to follow by “to,” so maybe the answer is either B or D? Personally I feel C sounds the best to me. What do you think is the answer and why?
1 de Jun de 2013 às 06:18
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In this case, 'to being' would be correct! You are right that 'to' usually follows 'used!' If there is an 'am' in the sentence (i.e., 'I AM used to being on my own.') then you say 'used to being.' In this case, it implies that you habitually partook in a certain action and no longer do it. However, you can say 'used to be' sometimes too, but it depends on the phrase. For example, 'I used to be an astronaut' would be correct since the 'am' is omitted. When saying 'I used to be,' it implies that you were something, and now you are not. Hope this helps! Good luck :)
1 de Junho de 2013
B is the right one but....I'm not mother tongue...bye
25 de Setembro de 2013
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