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The word "banlieus" as plural Hi all, I encounted this word in a book written in English. When I consulted the dictionary, I was given the meaning that it is equal to "suburbs" in English. But does it have any derogative sense in it? I wonder. Thanks in advance. Merci d'avance :-)Context: (In the 19th century,) the villages and small towns (including Bougival, Argenteuil, Gennevillier, etc)of the banlieues, built in patchwork around the loop of the Seine, varied hugely in size, architectural appearance and general ambience. Most of them were predominantly rural, serving the city with agricultural produce grown in market gardens and brought in train to Les Halles.
Jun 1, 2013 1:55 PM
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In your text this word is plural just because there are several suburbs (north, west...)
June 2, 2013
Not for me. "Banlieue" (note the E at the end) mean the place is a bit outside the interesting area. But calling it the suburb of XYZ mean in a way that it doesn't have enough attraction in itself to be just "itself".
June 1, 2013
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