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"amid/amidst" and "among/amongst" I'm trying to figure out the difference between "amid/amidst" and "among/amongst" in contemporary English. I've already googled for half an hour, but they all give me different answers:/ It would be nice if someone could explain this for me, or provide me with a link to a website that explains it right. Thanks!I read that amid/amidst is used for uncountable and among/amongst is countable. There may be exceptions, but can I use this as a rule of thumb?
1 cze 2013 23:27
Answers · 9
"amid" and "among" are the modern terms. "amongst" and "amidst" are older forms used mainly in poetry.
2 czerwca 2013
There may have been a difference once, but not in modern English. Whenever you see among/amid, you can always replace it with amongst/amidst and vice versa. Amid and among are more common, but that's the only difference.
1 czerwca 2013
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