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surprising expression How do I express surprising expression in English, I only know "wow" which is more common use in our country. for example(conversation): A:To be frank, I'm a spy in CSI. B:WOW, why did u tell me? It's a lame conversation.. anyway~ can I replace wow in other words, I like more common ones tell me more about the usage of "gee" Thanks=)
Jun 2, 2013 2:24 PM
Answers · 7
Astonish suggests overwhelming surprise: The sight of such an enormous crowd astonished us. Amaze implies astonishment and often bewilderment: The violinist's virtuosity has amazed audiences all over the world. Astound connotes shock, as from something unprecedented in one's experience: We were astounded at the beauty of the mountains. Dumbfound adds to astound the suggestion of perplexity and often speechlessness: His question dumbfounded me, and I could not respond. Flabbergast is used as a more colorful equivalent of astound, astonish, or amaze: "The aldermen ... were ... flabbergasted; they were speechless from bewilderment" (Benjamin Disraeli). Also, in speaking, you could express surprise by such phrases as Oh, Oh My, Oh Dear, Wow, Holy Cow (or other phrases using holy like Holy Moley, Holy Mackerel, etc), Eek, and a bunch of others. Gee, isn't used that much except in sarcastic situations?
June 2, 2013
Here are some different expressions you could use: Oh my God! Are you serious?! You're joking! Here is a slang version, and it uses a "bad" word so be careful with whom you say this to: Holy shit!
June 2, 2013
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