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Does these sound natural? She doesn't like snails, and neither do I. He fought as a lion does. She looks just like her brother. Her eyes are not the same color as yours. Mike is much as a genius as you are. Just much he has committed the murder, just much you are responsible. As much as he is responsible as much as you are responsible.
3 de Jun de 2013 às 21:24
Answers · 2
1. Correct 2. He fought like a lion. 3. Correct 4. Correct 5. Mike is as intelligent as you are. 6. Although he committed the murder, you are equally responsible. [I'm not sure if this is what you mean.] 7. You are both responsible. or You are just as responsible as he is.
3 de Junho de 2013
1-4 are all fine. Using 'like' instead of 'as' in 2) would be a bit more colloquial. "Mike is as much a genius as you are." "Although he committed the murder, you are just as responsible." You could also say something like "Just as he is responsible for the murder, you are also responsible for (something else)." "You are just as responsible as he is."
3 de Junho de 2013
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