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how to describe the state in the very beginning? My Japanese is just at way beginning step. is it okay to say that in this way? can someone give me some better usages or examples thanks = ) correct me if my question is also wrong > <glad to know it =D
4. Juni 2013 19:28
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"My Japanese is just at way beginning step." is easy to understand, but is not correct. "My Japanese is only at a beginner's level." seems like it is probably close to what you were trying to say. I would probably say something like, "I'm just starting to learn Japanese." But, there are plenty of other ways to say this as well.
4. Juni 2013
Tane said the most natural ways. The closest thing I can think of to what you said is "My Japanese is only/just at its first/early stages." '...beginning stages." could work, but sounds less natural.
4. Juni 2013
glad to know it =D
4. Juni 2013
the question is fine. ^^
4. Juni 2013
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