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Please can somebody help me? Could you help me with this? Mybe it´s too much but I need it. What do these idioms mean? : Hook it up (context: episode is about hooks) Model it up (episode is about modeling) Doctor it up (episode is about doctors) Thanx a lot
Jun 6, 2013 1:54 PM
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Hook it up: to attach to a source. I hook the hose up to the water. I get a computer to function by plugging every cable in where it goes and plugging it all in to power and a modem. "Hold on, I've got to hook this computer up." Similarly, "hook me up": please attach me to the source. "You get free pizza every Thursday? Hook me up!" Meaning, help me get the free stuff too! Or, "I need to buy (whatever is hard to find). Do you know anybody who can hook me up?" (Do you know how to connect me to the right people?) Model it up: be a model or act in all ways like one. This is not an actual phrase, but just used for the show's naming scheme. Doctor it up: this is an idiom, but it does not mean to act like a doctor. To doctor something up is to make something better that was broken or not good. "The soup was not very tasty, but I doctored it up with some hot sauce."
June 7, 2013
Hook it up! = It's a response when someone gives you something or your asking for something for free. EX: (someone gives you concert tickets) Thanks, you hooked it up. or Thanks for the hook up. EX:(your friend is working a fast food joint) You go and tell your friend,"Hey, can you hook it up with a soda?" Model it up! = Things people do that models do. This one kind of tricky. Really isn't used. I've just heard in songs. Doctor it up! = Never heard that. No one says that. It's probably from a song right? Hope this helps.
June 6, 2013
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June 6, 2013
June 6, 2013
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