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What means "어릴적떡잎"? In a dictionary I just found "어릴적" as childhood and "떡잎" as sprout or professionalism, but this don't make sense OTL help please~
7 de jun de 2013 2:14
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Most korean(including me) use '어릴적 떡잎' when we make a sentence like '떡잎부터 다르다, 될성부른 나무는 떡잎부터 다르다.' These sentences are some kind of idiom. we usually use, speak when situation like if i see a child who is a rare genius or looks like he will be, and he does something well.(not often things as his same age children.) we use '떡잎부터 다르다' as meaning that he would become a great man.
7 de Junio de 2013
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