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Erin Lee
What does "award" mean? Thank you! What Is a Bid Protest? A bid “protest” is a written objection filed by an “interested party,” defined as someone whose interests are being or about to be harmed by a procurement procedure or award of an agency of the federal government. FAR Part 33 (§ 33.101). Protests can be either pre-award or post-award. To be considered pre-award, a protest must be filed either before bids or offers are due, to protest improper specifications, the omission of a required provision, ambiguities, or indefinite evaluation factors; or after offers are submitted but before the award is made, often to protest the contractor’s elimination from award consideration. A post award protest is one that is filed after the award is made or the contractor selected, usually to protest the award itself.
Jun 7, 2013 2:54 AM
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The short answer is that it is similar to "decision." For a better understanding, read the following. ------------ Let me define some words, just in case. Contractor: A person/company that builds large projects, like highways, bridges, or buildings. Bid: The amount of money that the contractor says he can do the job for. ---------- When the government decides to build a large project, it must allow several contractors to apply for the job. The process of applying is called "making a bid." The government agency will look at all the bids and choose one company to do the job. This is usually the company that said it could do the job (e.g. build the bridge) for the lowest amount of money. When the government gives the job to the chosen company, this is called the "award." Like I said above, for the purpose of this question, you can probably substitute "decision" for "award." --------------- This is complicated, so please feel free to ask for clarification.
June 7, 2013
It appears that you (or the "interested party") may be bidding on a government contract. It could be said that the person or company (also called the party) who gets the contract has been "awarded" the contract. They have been given the work to do. The award is made to them, in other words.
June 7, 2013
bid is awarded means bid is granted or sanctioned.
June 7, 2013
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