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pronounciation is there any pronounciation difference between 'a' and 'e' in persian? i really can't distinguish between the two sounds. ye doneeyaa tashakoram! :D
Jun 7, 2013 7:45 AM
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there is really big difference, a ( َا ) e ( اِ ) exempels: اِستخر اِستفاده اِشتیاق اَسب اَشک اَبر اَلماس ......................... there are some words that you can use them with ''e ( ِ- )'' or ''ساکن'' like: asman , aseman ___ sakhtman , sakhteman but there, you can't use ''doneya'' ___ ''donya'' it's the correct one. Tashakor is noun, when you say ''tashakoram'' it means '' I am thank you'' :) should say: tashakor mikonam OR moteshakeram.
June 8, 2013
Yes. The first "er" is very long and stressed. The second "ian" is very short and unstressed. I suggest you listen to the word until you hear the difference.
June 7, 2013
Try to pronounce the two separate syllables in the word Persian. 'Per' rhymes with stir. The 'er' sound is the same as the 'ir' in bird. In 'sian' the vowels are not pronounced. Have you heard of the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA)? It is a set of characters which represents all of the sounds used in various languages. This is really useful for English pronunciation because letters can have different sounds in different words. In IPA, we would write Persian as /ˈpɜːʒn/ The word has four sounds p (as in picture) ɜː (the ir sound in bird) ʒ (which sounds similar to a j and is the sound in Asia or treasure or pleasure) and n (as in new). Put those four sounds together and you pronounce Persian. I hope this helps :)
June 7, 2013
if it's easier, I can explain it like this: You can detect " a " sound in English words like" fan, man, can, tan , etc. " so in Farsi it's the same, in words like " mard ( مَرد ) , fard ( فَرد ), dard ( دَرد ) etc. " And you can detect " e " sound in words like this " very, hey, etc. " even in the words you said! " ye " in Farsi these could be detected in words like " yek ( یِک ), del ( دِل ) etc. " If you find these kind of short words, you may understand the difference between them :)
June 8, 2013
Hi! By the letter [a] I can figure [آ] and [ـَ] ,which one do you mean? Can you give an example of what exactly you mean?? If you mean [آ] then you have to pronounce it like [/a:/], for example in these words: car - shark - guitar - bar - far - dark - hawk -etc. But if you mean [ـَ] then you have to say it as in these words: bag - cat - tag - fan - plan - can - man - etc. Now about the [e] you have to say it as in these words: pen - hen - lend - desk - when - where - etc. I think it's quite clear, isn't it?? :D Try to look up the words above in a spoken English dictionary (American), and listen to them carefully and compare them. I think a robot can also find out the difference between them!!! too easy for you!! zai jian!
June 20, 2013
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