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Translation for my friend.. Please help me~ >__< Can someone good enough translate this?.. My friend is going to celebrate his birthday tomorrow. I want to give him a message that's easier for him to understand. You don't have to translate it exactly like in English. As long as the content is almost the same, it will be fine. Thank you so much~!.. ^^ Happy Birthday JR! You celebrated your birthday earlier, was it fun?.. Did you have fun?.. You have grown one year older. Hehehe. I'm thankful that I met someone like you, having a fierce appearance but has a very soft and kind heart. I hope you'll have more blessings to receive. Don't stress yourself too much. I know you are the leader of your group but you have your members to help you so don't keep it to yourself, okay? Just enjoy what you're doing now and great things will eventually come to you. Don't worry too much and stop blaming yourself. I know that your members are also grateful to have you. Happy Birthday~ :)
7 يونيو 2013 13:22
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생일 축하해! 조금 이른감이 있는 생일축하메세진데 어때??.. 나쁘진 않지?? 이제 한 살을 더 먹은 셈이구나, 헤헤. 비록 네가 약간 험상궃어 보이지만 부드럽고 따스한 마음을 가지고 있잔아. 그래서 그런 너를 만나서 정말 감사하게 생각하고 있어. 너에게 더 큰 축복과 행운이 깃들길 바래. 너무 너 자신을 압박하진 말았으면 하고. 네가 너의 팀에 있어 리더를 담당하고 있는 것은 알지만, 너의 팀원들도 너를 도울 수도 있다는걸 알았으면 해. 그러니 너무 혼자만 하려고 하지 않아도 되. 알았지? 그저 네 할 일들을 즐기다보면 멋진 결과들이 언젠가 너에게 다가올거야. 그러니 너무 걱정 말고 더 이상 자책하지 않았으면 해. 너의 팀원들도 너와 함께라는 것에 아주 감사하고 멋진 일이라 생각하고 있어. 다시 한 번, 생일 축하해~ :)
8 يونيو 2013
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