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colonial and colonist colonial and colonist Both of them can be someone who lives in a colony but who is a citizen of the country that rules the colony. What are the differents between them? What can I call the people who live in a colony and they are controlled by the colonists?Thanks for your help. For example: India was formerly a Britain colony. In that period , could I call a British lived in India colonist? Could I call an Indian colonist?
7. Juni 2013 14:47
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The word “colonial” can be either an adjective or a noun. As a noun it means an inhabitant of a colony. “Colonist” has two meanings. 1. The original settler or founder of a colony. 2. An inhabitant of a colony. So, “colonial” and “colonist” can both refer to the inhabitant of a colony.
7. Juni 2013
As for who governs a colony will depend on the type of colony. For example, colonies within the Commonwealth were usually governed by a governor.
7. Juni 2013
Your statement is incorrect. If it helps, a colonist lived in a colony in the colonial period.
7. Juni 2013
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