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t-shirt idea my friend wants a t-shirt to say "i love latin men" so i thought i would help her out...i said it could be, "me encantan los hombres latinos" however could you use"encontrar" for a romantic desire? or she said she may like a shirt that says "sorry boys, but i date latin men" i thought "lo siento chicos, pero ¿cito? lós hombres latinos" thank you.
8. Juni 2013 14:11
Answers · 4
"Encontrar" means "to find". "Encantar" means "to love". I think "me encantan los hombres latinos" means the same as "I love latin men", yeah. "Sorry, guys, but I date latin men" would be said as "Lo siento, chicos, pero salgo con hombres latinos". "Cita" can mean "date", as a noun, in the romantic sense, but "citar" means that someone sets an appointment for you, like in "Me citó en su despacho a las seis" = "He told me to be in his office at 6". I think "summon" can be used in a similar sense.
8. Juni 2013
Firtly, the phrase you told to her is perfect (me encantan los hombres latinos). And you could translate it literally too, like: "amo los hombres latinos" And secondly, about the phrase: "sorry boys, but i date latin men" it would be translated (just the concept, not literally) to: "Lo siento/lamento chicos, pero solo SALGO(date) con hombres/chicos latinos" about the "encontrar"s usage, it could have 2 meanings in english, one is literal and the another one isn't. encontrar=find (literal) encontrar=meet (sentimental) for example: "Me gustaría encontrar una persona que me ame de verdad" ("I'd like to meet a person who loves me truly") I hope I'd helped you! good luck!
18. Juni 2013
Agree with Nanchan, I would even have the T-shirt legend as LO SIENTO... SOLO SALGO CON LATINOS.... sorry, I only date latinos... what i really find hard to imagine is a funny image to follow the idea of latino fun.... and guys dating... he he! Hasta la vista!
8. Juni 2013
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