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What is value-laden? I still have trouble understanding it even after looking it up in my dictionary. Maybe I'm stupid or something. I'd appreciate it if anybody can make it clear to me.
Jun 8, 2013 3:08 PM
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Values is a term that means the set of beliefs that a person has. These can be based in religion, or not. A country generally has a set of values: ideas that are generally considered good and morally sound. For example, a Chinese value is profound respect for one's elders, correct? A Christian value is that sex is prohibited (not allowed) between non-married people. OK, so assuming that you now understand the concept of values, When a person makes a value-laden statement, he is implying that whatever he is saying is fact, rather than an opinion. Values are not inherently true. Take the Christian value, for example. Although pre-marital, non-monogamous sex has its risks, it is not inherently bad just because the Church says it is. However, a person making a value-laden statement is assuming that you agree with him, and if you don't, you should (again, because what he is saying is "a fact.") This doesn't mean that the values of a particular person or culture are bad, just that they are based in emotion and subjectivity, not impartial data. ---------------- You are not stupid! Out of curiosity, I looked up value-laden in the dictionary, to see what you might have seen, and it is no wonder you were confused! I hope my explanation is a little more clear, but please ask for clarification if you need it. :-)
June 8, 2013
If something you say is value-laden you have put your personal and strong views into it. For example: If someone says: A first class physics degree is more of an achievement than a first class sociology degree. This implies they think physics is a more worthwhile subject than sociology or if you study sociology it must be a soft option chosen because it is an easier subject. It devalues the person that has got the first-class sociology degree. So the statement reveals the persons values (they think physics is more worthwhile than sociology), hence the statement is value laden.
June 8, 2013
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