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here look hi, I've seen this conversation before. A : Ah good, you’re the person to help me; I’ve got to pack some stuff into this box. B : No problem. Let me try! Here look, everything is in; a perfect fit. I've got a question: Is it proper and frequent to say " here look " to draw someone's attention by the way .. is it different between " I've got a question " and " I got a question " thanks = )question are: Is it proper and frequent to say " here look " to draw someone's attention? is it different between " I've got a question for you " and " I got a question for you " ? try to make it more clear here : )if you are accidentally passing by seeing this question, can you decide who is the best answer for me by thumbing them up. 'cause I got two perfect answers here = ) many thanks ~
Jun 8, 2013 5:43 PM
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"Here look" is used when drawing someone's attention to something such as a completed task or something interesting, especially after another person had inquired about said task or thing. "Did you write the correct address on the form?" "Of course. Here, look. There it is." "Where's the dog food?" "I put it in the cupboard. Here, look! Just where I said." You can also substitute "Here look" with "See?" "Did you finish your homework?" "I finished it an hour ago. See?" To call someone's attention in general, such as for a conversation, it would be unnatural. It would be proper to say "excuse me" or to use their name.
June 8, 2013
You would not say "here look" to try to get someone's attention at first. "Look here" would be a little more likely if someone didn't see you at first. I would say "here look" if I had something in my hand that I wanted to show someone and we were already chatting. "I wonder what the weather is in San Diego today." "Here look," (I bring it up on the computer) "it's sunny and 75 as usual." I've got a question instead of I got a question. I got would be right if someone gave you a question to ask someone else.
June 8, 2013
thanks, Joshua, I guess I know why now : )
June 8, 2013
'I got a question' is slang. Unless someone asked YOU a question, it's not correct to say it.
June 8, 2013
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