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How to say "that"s your problem " in korean? Hello! Is there someone who can help me please? I just heard in a drama the expression "Sorry but th'at your problem". I think the person is saying : 미안하지만 그건 당신 사장이에요 but I'm really not sure because I dindn't find this korean sentence on internet...
Jun 8, 2013 8:21 PM
Answers · 4
미안하지만 그건 당신 "문제"예요 :)
June 8, 2013
Thank you very much yes I think that's what I heard =D
June 9, 2013
What you heard would be "미안하지만 그건 당신 사정이에요. Sorry, but that is your business (or problem.)"
June 9, 2013
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