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what does "dropped by on style"mean? The notes of James Madison, published long after his death, provide a cogent record of the secret deliberations of 1787. The founders never intended that any man should become Chief Executive unless he had been elected to that office. The wording they approved stated that in the event of the death of an incumbent the Vice President should serve as acting President 'until another President be chosen." This unequivocal provision was then dropped by the Constitutional Conventions five-man committee on style, which made constitutional interpretation the art of the impossible. It is worth noting that the most perceptive analysis of the two versions of II, 1, 5 was written by the sixty-eighth Attorney General, Robert F. Kennedy, in 1961.1 Robert Kennedy concluded that it was the sense of the Convention that should a President die in office "merely the powers and duties1 devolve on the Vice President, not the office itself."
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It means something like 'lose level'
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It means that the provision that a president be elected to office was removed for stylistic, rather than substantive reasons, by the five-man committee of the Constitutional Convention. As a result of the removal of this language, today, if a United States President dies in office, the Vice President becomes President, rather than just an "acting President" with all the powers, but not the official title of the Presidency.
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