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wha does "lead the ticket"mean? oppose to the vice-president? During the next century death elevated six more Vice Presidents— Millard Fillmore, Andrew Johnson, Chester Arthur, Theodore Roosevelt, Calvin Coolidge, and Harry Truman—and the claims of each to "the said Office" were uncontested. The Tyler precedent held, despite grumblings that few running mates to emerge from conventions were big enough to lead the ticket. Roosevelt and Truman excepted, the six were an uninspiring and undistinguished group.
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"Lead the ticket"- When a person is chosen by a particular political party(ticket) to lead and represent the party in elections, he leads the ticket. The leader of the ticket(the president in this case) then chooses a person to be his running mate(vice president). The vice-president is often thought of as being weak (politically). It was felt that most of these vice-presidents were not strong enough (politically) to lead their political parties (not big enough to lead the ticket).
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