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Beginner question! 아니에요 vs 아니요? I'm confused with the difference between 아니에요 and 아니요.. Do they both mean "no" and can you use them interchangeably? Or do they mean two different things.. Thank you! ^_^
Jun 9, 2013 8:10 PM
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ok. I had to study a little for this answer. 아니에요 and 아니요 is a little bit different. 아니요 is No for 예/아니요 (Yes/No) questions. (아니+요) eg) A: 당신은 학생입니까? B: 아니요 아니에요's original form is 아니다. (아니다 + 에요). sometimes shortened like 아녜요. It means 'NOT'. and is an adjective (not used alone) eg) A: 당신은 학생입니까? B: 저는 학생이 아니에요. C: 그는 학생이 아니에요.
June 10, 2013
From what i have learned 아니요 is No .. and 아니에요 is for the negative form : - 바빠요? - 아니에요.
June 9, 2013
When saying/speaking "no" for question, you can say "아니요(No)" or "아니오". We Korean often say "아니오", The latter "아니오" isn't right in grammar, though. Otherwise, "아니-에요" is conjugated form of "아니다". 아니-다 아니-어요(아녀요). or 아니-에요. for example, 이것은 책입니까? Is this a book? 아니요. 이것은 책이 아니에요. No, this is not a book 예, 이것은 책이에요. Yes, this is a book. 도와주셔서 감사합니다. Thank you for helping me. 아니에요. 별일 아닙니다. (it is) Not at all, it's no big deal. (not 아니요).
June 10, 2013
네- yes // 아니요- no 이에요- verb ''to be'' // 아니에요 verb ''not to be'' *(casual forms of 아니에요 can be 아니야 or 아니에) i hope i answered your question clearly
September 1, 2015
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