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(으(ㄹ까요 & (으)ㄹ 래요? Anyone who can help you clarify differene betw 2 stcs below: (1) 커피 마실까요? (2) 커피 마실래요? i know the difference btw 2 endings: (으)ㄹ 래요 CANNOT be used for third person while 으(ㄹ까요 can be. But in that case above, i am not sure. Perhaps (1): shall we have coffee and (2) Do u want coffee.
Jun 10, 2013 4:05 AM
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Since I try to answer questions here, I feel I need to (or had to) study korean properly... I looked up the directory for both words 1) -을까 (or -ㄹ까) 2) -을래 (or -ㄹ래) means same by dictionary. So let me just explain the implications of examples. 1) 커피 마실까요? Subject is missing but it is assumed 'WE' and we TOGETHER. Meaning 'Shall WE drink coffee (together)?' 2) 커피 마실래요? Subject is missing but it is assumed 'YOU'. Meaning 'Would YOU like to have a cup of coffee?' But the implications are different depending on the situation. A man asks to a woman 1) 호텔에 갈까요? 2) 호텔에 갈래요? In this case, I don't see any differences.
June 10, 2013
June 10, 2013
The sentence of number one shows just will or event of the future. However, the sentence of number two shows a suggest or offer. In other words, The former is expressed in In-direct speech and the latter is expressed in direct speech. In short, you needn't know such a difference between them.
June 10, 2013
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