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what do these questions mean? what do these questions and sentences mean? and please tell me their complete form if they have, tnq so much Tu l'as lu? Il l'a su? Tu t'es vu? Elle l'a vu? le sais-tu? Je n'ai rien vu. Il est où Loulou? Vas-y! Mais si.
Jun 10, 2013 12:20 PM
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I am learning french also so I may be wrong on these 1 did you read it? 2 did he remember it? 3 not sure (I think it should be tu t'as vu) something like did you see yourself.. Which doesn't make much sense 4 did she see it? 5 does he remember it? 6 I didn't see anything 7 where is he loulou 8 it's kind of like "Let's go!" Or "come on!" 9 not sure what this means. Literally it's but if. Almost all of those are in the past tense.. Signified by the avoir conjugation and the other verbs past participle.
June 10, 2013
1-Tu l'as lu? Did you read it? 2-Il l'a su? Did he know it? Su is past participle from the verb Savoir. J'ai su la reponse; I knew the answer. 3- Tu t'es vu? Did you see yourself? 4- Elle l'a vu? Did she see it? 5- le sais-tu? Do you know? 6- Je n'ai rien vu. I did not see anything. 7-Il est où Loulou? Where is Loulou? 8-Vas-y! Go! 9- Mais si. "Si" here is used as OUI (Yes) So it is a way to confirm that you really mean yes. Same as you would say: But of course!
June 10, 2013
Salu Lenna, si tu as des difficultés à comprendre des mots ou des phrases, tu peux les transmettre gratuitement via Google Translator. Ça fonctionne plus vite, car tu as directement la réponse et tu apprends beaucoup plus :) Hi Lenna, you can translate everything for free via Google Translator. It's faster and you learn much more :)
June 10, 2013
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