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What is the difference between Cantonese and Mandarin?
2013年6月10日 20:07
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Just about everything is different! Think of them as two different languages. The pronunciation is very different. You can tell if you are hearing Mandarin or Cantonese. Though the grammar is very similar, there are differences. Cantonese is written using full form characters, and according to my Cantonese speaking friends, some words/sounds can not be written at all. (You would have to ask them though, what they actually mean by can't be written.
People speak on 50 languages in China.... Mandarin based on North dialect and created to unify the nation.
Mandarin is a wrong word for the Chinese language Chinese language is used in China = pinyin and Simple symbols Cantonese language in used in Canton (Guangzhou and near) = jyutping + Traditional symbols
Mandarin is the official language in china while Cantoness is an regional speaking that almost used in Guangdong, HK and Macao. Actually there are little distinction between them about the grammer but the pronunciation are the mostly different.
although people in GuangDong and Hongkong may not agree, for most of the people, at least most of the people in north of China, they believe Cantonese is just a dialect of Mandarin Chinese, and i hold the opinion, too.
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