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does "have them paged"mean “invite them to go with us?” Rufus Youngblood, who until now had maintained a mastery of detail, completely forgot Lem Johns. Scouting all doors, Johns had found one which die press had overlooked and which led right to Harry Hines Boulevard. Delighted, he raced back to the emergency area and learned that for the second time in an hour he had run aground; the Johnson party had gone. Gonzalez was invited to join the group. Regretfully he declined. He was still juggling the blood-soaked paper bag, and decided that he should give it to Nellie Connally. Cliff Carter and Jack Valenti missed Johnson by less than a minute, but they did miss. They would have made it if Valenti hadn't felt responsible for Liz Carpenter and Marie Fehmer. "Have them paged," Carter suggested, and the two men were delayed while they waited for the two women who, unknown to anyone, had gone over to the Trade Mart to hear Johnson's address.
Jun 11, 2013 9:02 AM
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"Have them paged" means to make an announcement over the public address system requesting that they come to a specific location.
June 11, 2013
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