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Faizal Cy
How to address people politely especially strangers in Mandarin Chinese? For examples, in English, we use Mr., Mrs., Ms. Sir etc in order to show respect.(eg respect to eldest) Can someone introduce me some possible words?
Jun 11, 2013 2:56 PM
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June 12, 2013
if they are strangers :D for elder people, we often use "先生""女士" for peers, we just call them "同学"
June 11, 2013
if u meet a girl, u can say:美女(mei nv)mean beautiul girl if u meet a guy,u can say:帅哥(shuai ge)mean cute guy
June 12, 2013
Mr., = 先生 Mrs. = 女士 all others are by position, e g 经理, 老师,校长,等等
June 17, 2013
Most time, when you meet an elder, "您好" is unavoidable. Then you can choose "先生", "女士" depending on the gender. We usually ask a stranger's last name with sentences like this "请问先生您贵姓" to shorter the distance. If we know his/her last name, then we can use "张先生",“王女士” instead of "先生" to show the respect. Normally, "你好" is ok, and "hey, 哥们(兄弟)" "帅哥" “美女” are commonly used among young people. If you cant judge how to choose a title when opening a conversation, you can just say "你好(您好),。。。" and begin your topic.
June 13, 2013
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