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Is this Korean sentence grammatically correct? 난 겁쟁이라서 너에게 얘기할수 없다. 그래서 이편지로 다 말을 할게. I can't talk to you because I'm a coward, so I will say it all with this letter. Is it correct? The grammar and spacing and everything? Or would saying 너에게/한테 말하지 못해 sound more better/natural? Or does that translate more to I can't say anything.
12 июня 2013 г., 0:46
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난 겁쟁이라서 너 앞에서 아무말도 안 나와. 그러니까 이 편지로 내가 하고 싶은 말을 할게. i think this one is better ;)
12 июня 2013 г.
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