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in this passage, what does "breakout" mean? That was the last car in President Johnson's first motorcade; with its hair-raising arrival from Parkland, the Youngblood breakout, as it might he called, was complete. Parkland didn't know it, though. Most of the agents and aides in the emergency area were under the impression that the group that had begun the grand tour of Texas at San Antonio International Airport the day before was intact.
2013年6月12日 02:25
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A breakout is a driving manoeuvre. This passage is in reference to the President Johnson assassination in Parkland.
I can't say with 100% confidence because I would need more context, but my sense is that "breakout" here does not refer to a driving maneuver. Rather, Youngblood probably showed himself to be of great service in a time of need, and so "breakout" here seems to mean "sudden success or sudden rise to fame or popularity."
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