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Children start school __________ a at five b with five years c when they are five years old d at five years of age Please, help me to find incorrect answers. In my point of vies I was wondering if someone gives me reasoning
2013년 6월 12일 오전 6:07
Answers · 2
A: is not really right as it is not specific... "at five" could mean they start school at 0500 am.... not 5 years old... I would not use A B: with five years is not grammatically correct, nor does it make sense; C: Is a good answer as it is very clear what and when they are starting school D: at five years of age? I would prefer to see it as "when they are five years of age" .. so its sort of ok... C is the best answer.... followed by D, then A,.. but not B
2013년 6월 12일
a, c, or d. Those three are fine. The other one is wrong. b is incorrect.
2013년 6월 12일
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