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Please help! ناس تـدس الهـم بيـن الحنايـا وناس وربي مادرت وش صاير هذاك حظه مثل بيـض الثنايـا وهذاك حظه مثل سودالضفايـر
Jun 12, 2013 6:55 AM
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I will translate it word by word ناس : Some people تدس : Hide الهم : Affliction, Sadness بين : Between الحنايا : Rips وربي : I swear ما درت : (they) Did not know وش صاير : What happened هذاك : That man/guy حظه : His chance مثل : Like (such as) بيض : White (plural) الثنايا : Front tooth, first incisor سود : balck (plural) الضفاير : Braids
June 12, 2013
Some people enjoy putting others in pain The rest aren't aware of it & are lost who is good & who is bad Some are lucky to meet good ones others are not, suffering meeting bad ones tried to translate it in global, in my opinion, hope it helped :)
June 13, 2013
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