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What is the meaning of "working out"? Specifically I have this sentence. "working out meaning from context" could be deduced? Thanks.
Jun 12, 2013 12:37 PM
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Context can be referring to a piece of literature or say a social situation. If literature: it means that you should look at the other sentences of the passage to determine the meaning of a word or phrase. Using surrounding words, images, and metaphors, to infer what the passage is trying to convey. We usually call this "using context clues". It's a method to clarify something you don't understand in literature without using other sources (dictionaries, the internet) if it's a social situation: then it implies observing the reactions and behaviors of those around you (the context) to determine say someone's mood, the reason they said something, or why they responded a certain way. (this is a psychological point of view) Unrelated to your question but still important because you're learning English: "working out" in other contexts can mean going to the gym to lift weights/do cardio or two people trying to fix a problem with their relationship "We got in an argument last week, but we're trying to work things out" hopefully this isn't too confusing :]
June 12, 2013
Hi Wal, 'Working out the meaning from the context' means the meaning of the sentence is dependent on other sentences in that paragraph or text. It will not have the same meaning if you did not know which sentences came before and after that sentence.
June 12, 2013
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