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what are you? can we ask this question about a person's occupation? i've found this online: [Grammar] What is he? A: What is he? B: He is my teacher. Is it possible to use 'what' in such questions?
Jun 12, 2013 2:13 PM
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People do say 'what is he', and it doesn't sound wrong to a native speaker providing it is within context. If you are asked 'what are you?' without any context then the response would be one of confusion and maybe a person? a human? Having said that- just because people say it, doesn't make it right. It is a very lazy way of speaking English, and would never be used in formal situations. You should be asking, what job do you have? / what is your job? or most commonly 'what do you do for a living? '.
June 12, 2013
Yes, we can. When we want to ask someone's occupation, we can use this kind of what question,like "What are you?" or "What is he?".
June 12, 2013
The What asks about some Metadata, the Who asks about the essence
June 12, 2013
Think of A.'What is he to you' - it asks what is the connection between you; B He is my teacher But think of A.'Who is he?' asks about the name; B.'He is Malcolm X, my radical teacher'
June 12, 2013
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