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what is the pronunciation of 生 僕の生
13 de Jun de 2013 às 01:04
Answers · 8
It can be ぼくのせい(boku no sei), but the phrase sound a bit weird as 雲小泉-san and masaya-san already pointed. Could you write the entire sentence?
13 de Junho de 2013
It means nothing. 生 has many readings, but I have never seen it like that before.
13 de Junho de 2013
words which follow the 僕の生, sorry.
13 de Junho de 2013
It seems impossible to confirm it. Were there some words followed by the 僕の生? Like 生命、生ビール、生まれ、生え際、生活、生い立ち、生涯、生き方etc.
13 de Junho de 2013
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