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does the ““Tanah nok tahni“ refer to someone's name ? “Yeah, right here, in the Wizard’s Almanac of Fables,” said Dalton, his excitement growing. “It’s written in Elvish, but I think I can translate it.” ... ... “Any clue as to what the Crown is or where it is hidden?” asked Marianne. “Patience, young lady,” answered Edna, who moved the reading lens slowly across every word. “Tanah nok tahni. He carried with him a crocodile-tooth dagger, and wore mufahji around his neck. Rain charms.” She flipped to the next page. is the ““Tanah nok tahni“ someone's name,or explaining the next sentence ”he carried with him……“ does ”mufahji“ refer to the ”rain charms“?
13 de jun de 2013 13:18
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It's really hard to tell without reading more. What we do know is that the unfamiliar words are Elvish. Since the first part looks like a phrase and not a name, then I guess the next English sentence paraphrases the translation. Yes, "mufahji" means "rain charms", based on how the sentence is structured.
13 de Junio de 2013
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