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Why dose it use "what"? Please teach me. From The flog prince. She disliked anything that was ugly and only liked what looked pretty and tasted good. Why dose it use "what"? "what"=? or "what" has especially means??
2013년 6월 13일 오후 2:56
Answers · 9
Whoops, watch the spelling! "The flog prince" and "the frog prince" have very different meanings! In this context, "what" means "things that..." "What" is used as an object here, not a question-word.
2013년 6월 13일
what is ”それだけ” みたいな いみです :)
2013년 6월 17일
Right, it is used as an object word. It increases the flow of the sentence. You could say "...and only liked things that looked pretty and things that tasted good." which sounds less elegant, in my opinion. 「美しい物とおいしい物しか好きじゃなかった」と同じの意味だと思います。
2013년 6월 14일
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