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what's the meaning of " thought of as " in the following scentence? When I just memorized the "absorb", one definition of "absord" in vocoucabulary flashcards is "though of as seperate from concrete realities;" ----------------what is the meaning of "thought of as"?what is the meaning of "as" in "though of as seperate from concrete realities"
2013년 6월 14일 오후 1:58
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"thought of as" here would mean "how it is perceived." It could probably be replaced with "thought to be," "believed to be," "perceived as," "It is seen as," if this helps. I can't think of any use for the word "absorb" that would mean this though, I am curious what flashcards you used. Did they give you an example sentence?
2013년 6월 14일
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