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What is the best way for learn english?
14 de Jun de 2013 às 18:14
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"What is the best way to learn English?" There are many ways. You could watch English speaking movies with Close Caption on. You could start with English children's books that teach basic words and phrases. You could come to a website like this one and interact with people who speak English. You could buy an 'English As A Second Language' Book. It depends on how well you speak English at the present. How well do you speak English?
14 de Junho de 2013
Yeah there is many ways to learn English, one of these ways which I use and in my opinion it's useful to improve your English, listening and writing and speaking, so what is the way ?? Simply it's English Podcast, and I'm doing a wonderful methods to learn from it, if u want to know that methods which I'm doing u can sent me a Message to tell u about it: Good Luck ^^
14 de Junho de 2013
OBSERVE....articles,movies,novels....never coerce yourself into learning...
14 de Junho de 2013
The best way to learn English would be to start at the very beginning, with the alphabet and each letters sound. Once you have memorized the alphabet and each of the sounds, you can start sounding out words. Hope this helps!
14 de Junho de 2013
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