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I have two questions about the meaning of the word "as" in the following two definition sentences. I just memorized words flashcards, and I find the definition of the word "according" is "as indicated or stated by". and the definition of the word "advise" is "to recommend as a course of action". Two problems: 1----what's the meaning and function of the word "as" in the two definition sentences. 2------what's the meaning of the two definition sentences .
Jun 15, 2013 9:55 AM
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as = 为
June 15, 2013
@ahaha: I think that it would help if we rewrote the sentence like this: "Advise" means to recommend SOMETHING as a course of action. As you can see, the word "as" introduces the words "a course of action," which refers to "something." If you are having a problem, you might ask a friend: Could you recommend a course of action for my problem? Then after your friend gives you his / her advice, you might tell another friend what your first friend suggested and say, "Do you recommend WHAT HE / SHE SUGGESTED as a course of action?" (As you can see, the function of the word "as" is to introduce "a course of action," and "a course of action" refers to "what he / she suggested.")
June 15, 2013
In these conexts "as" means "like"
June 15, 2013
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