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does the pool here mean "swiming pool?" or anything else? Later that would be his wife's most vivid recollection of his response— how, in the starless night, he remembered how bright the sun had been. McCone was struck by the fact that "through this ordeal, as severe a trial as a man can go through, he never cracked. He was steely. Obviously he was seriously affected, but at no time did he lose his composure." They descended the stairs in a rank of three and walked to the rear porch. Kennedy poked his head in a window of the living room, where Morgenthau and several others were watching the television commentary. "He died," he said in a low voice and walked toward the pool.
15 jun 2013 12:12
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No necessary be, it could be peoples or crowds
15 juni 2013
Yes, I think so. It is probably a swimming pool because the writer describes where McCone was going, from coming down the stairs, to the porch, to the living room and headed towards the pool. (swimming pool)
15 juni 2013
Swimming Pool would be my guess.
15 juni 2013
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