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Chinese nickname? Hello, nice to meet you again! I should have just received a message from chinese friends: they signed the message telling me that from this moment my "nickname" is: Ke Le... but what it means in chinese language? Thanks a lot for your always prompt replies. Have a nice weekend. Sincerely, Claudio from Italy
15 de Jun de 2013 às 16:02
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Hi Claudio, I did some intense research on the name 'Ke Le' and discovered that it means 'buddy boy' in Chinese. Hope this helps!
17 de Junho de 2013
It is hard to say without seeing the Chinese characters, which not only have different tones for each syllable, but also multiple characters for each tone. Your Italian name can be transcribed as Ke-Lao-Di-O (e.g., 克劳迪欧) into Chinese. I personally would call you Lao-Ke 老克 (if we were good friends) which literally means "old Ke" (Ke won't have a true meaning, it's used merely as a transcription of your Italian name) (as in "old buddy Ke"). I'm purely guessing that your Chinese friends think it is funny and ingenious to call you "ke le" 可乐, which sounds like Cola to the Chinese (as in Coca Cola) and literally means "can be fun."
15 de Junho de 2013
I'm Chinese, so I guess I could answer this question for you. There are several type of nickname in Chinese First one is what you were call by your family while you were child. Second one is for friends calling, we don't use to call other peoples' name directory, so we use title or family name(Add Mr. or Ms.) for colleague, but for friend we use nickname. Third one is for foreigner, lots of foreigner can't pronounce Chinese characters, so we create a nickname in English for foreigner. In most circumstances, nickname is unlikely related to really name(Full name).
15 de Junho de 2013
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